Playlist for Monday, May 9 May 2011…announcer free radio

Back to regular programming soon. I’m looking into another project as an aside to this production. Fear not this show will not change and this show will remain my main focus…in the meantime wrap yourselves in this weeks two hour bliss-fest.

Jesu-Birth Day [Ascension LP]
Joe Lally-What Makes You [Why Should I Get Used To It LP]
Sarandon-Do The Dance [Sarandon’s Age Of Reason LP]
Crystal Stilts-Half A Moon [In Love With Oblivion LP]
Unsane-Grind [Self Titled EP]
Trust-Not a Waste of Sky [Todo Muere Volume 1 LP]
Atari Teenage Riot-Blood In My Eyes [Blood In My Eyes single]
The Computers-Music Is Dead [single]
Young Legionnaire-Twin Victory [Crisis Works LP]
[Aftersun]-Walking Through This Door Again [Pain Sounds Ep] free download
An Horse-Airport Death [Walls LP]
Wet Paint-Uptight Casuals [Woe LP]
Weyes Blood-Storms That Breed [The Outside Room Lp]
White Mystery-Blood & Venom [Blood & Venom LP]
Memoryhouse-Sleep Patterns [Sub Pop Terminal Sales Vol. 4]
Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit-Everywhere With Helicopter [Sing For Your Meat (Tribute To Guided By Voices) LP]
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights-Diamond Mine [Left by Soft LP]
Austra-Beat And The Pulse [Feel it break LP]
Tropic Of Cancer-Dive (Wheel Of The Law) [The Sorrow Of Two Blooms LP]
The Vera Violets-It’s All In Your Head [In Between Fires LP]
The Oscillation-See Through You [Veils LP]
The Cakekitchen-It Don’t Work Out [Kangaroos In My Top Paddock LP]
//Tense//-Pull The Strings [Escape 12” Ep]
Swearing At Motorists-Letter To A Fanzine [Postcards From A Drinking Town LP]
Sunshower Orphans-Lies in Sepia [Avenue Abyss LP] free download
Sixth June-Today [Back For A Day 12” Ep]
Religious Knives-Garbage Can [Smokescreen LP]
Peoples Temple-Axe Man [Sons Of Stone LP]
Natural Child-Chris’ Blues [1971 LP]
Motel Beds-Sunfried Dreams [Sunfried Dreams LP]
Mood Rings-Washer [Sweater Weather Forever LP]
Mazes-No Way [A Thousand Heys LP]

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