Playlist for Monday, May 9th 2016… all the people in power.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Film School – Waiting On A Cause [June LP]
Loose Tooth – Everything Changes [Saturn Returns LP]
Octagrape – Hightropics [Aura Obelisk LP]
Music Band – Fortune Guns [Wake Up Laughing LP]
Sans Pareil – A Scumbag Panarama [The Future Ooze LP]
Shitkid – Hillside [Shitkid EP]
Tvam – Gas And Air [Gas And Air Cannibals singles]
Holy Fuck – Tom Tom [Congrats LP]
Kevin Morby – I Have Been To The Mountain [Singing Saw LP]
Sulk – No Illusions [No Illusions LP]
The Callas – Blue [Half Kiss Half Pain LP]
Prism Tats – Creep Out // Freak Out [Prism Tats LP]
Summer Flake – Tumbling Down [Hello Friends LP]
Lantern – Green Garden Road [Black Highways And Green Garden Roads LP]
Street Chant – Insides [Hauora LP]
Cosmonauts – Caroline, No [The Reverberation Appreciation Society Presents: A Tribute To Pet Sounds LP]
Sonny & The Sunsets – Moods [Moods Baby Moods LP]
Stella Diana – F.U. Orionis [Nitocris LP]
Tancred – Not Likely [Out Of The Garden LP]
Skywave – Without You [Killerrockandroll LP]
Blonde Redhead – Missle Me [Peel Sessions EP]
Metz & John Reis – Caught Up [Metz & Swami John Reis single]
Kate Jackson – Metropolis [British Road Movies LP]
Solids – Blank Stare [Else EP]
Patience – The Church [single]
Terry – Don’t Say Sorry [Terry HQ LP]
The Julie Ruin – I Decide [Hit Reset LP]

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