Playlist for Monday, November 18th 2013…..the way it is.

A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say.. 

….on with this weeks show 

Nick Raven – Head Spin Round    [Love & Lomography LP]

Eartheater – Bird’s Eye    [Play All 7″]
Lazarus – Celeste    [Seasick Ep]
Little Racer  – Vanessa   [Forthcoming Ep]
True Believers – Accept It!    [Accept It! Ep]
The Brats – Be A Man    [Hozac Archival 7″]
Epicycle – Residential Area    [You’re Not Gonna Get It  1978-81 LP]
Dwight Twilley – Shark (In The Dark)    [Hozac Archival 7″]
Boxed In – Legacy    [All Your Love Is Gone single]
Kurt Vile – Feel My Pain    [It’s A Big World Out There (And I Am Scared) LP]
Delphic Oracle – Watching The Fern    [Watching The Fern LP]
The Space Lady – Fly Like An Eagle    [Greatest Hits LP]
Cold Beat – Year 5772    [Worms / Year 5772 7″]
God Bows To Math – Tightly Wound    [Pairs / God Bows To Math – Split 7″]
Pairs – Gig Of The Week    [Pairs / God Bows To Math – Split 7″]
Sea Pinks – Magpies Eyes    [Exploded View Ep]
The Bomber Jackets – Bunty Defense League    [The Liste LP]
Fever Dream – Flux    [100 Club 7″]
The Pampers – Purple Brain    [The Pampers LP]
Texture & Light – Feelings To The Bone    [The Hard Problem Of Consciousness LP]
The Leg – 25 Hats   [ Oozing A Crepuscular Light LP]
Telegram – Follow    [Follow single]
Swearin’ – Parts Of Speech    [Surfing Strange LP]
The Ballet – Meaningless    [I Blame Society LP]
Tar  – Flow Plow   [1988 – 1995 LP]
Hoop Dreams – Under The Snow    [Hoop Dreams LP]
Orchestra Of Spheres – Mind Over Night    [Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music LP]

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