Playlist for Monday, November 24th indie tunes galore!

Live session this week from John and Jehn at the London Calling Festival

…and on with the tunes

Bubblegum Lemonade-A Billion Heartbeats [Doubleplusgood LP]
Burningpilot-International Poster Campaign [Cold Caller LP]
Dead Pixels-Words Are Poison [Words Are Poison single]
Dirty Fingernails-That Kick [Greetings From Finsbury Park, N4 LP]
Lonelady-Early The Haste Comes [Early The Haste Comes/Joy single]
Disconcerts-Window Shopper [Myspace]
Official Secrets Act-So Tomorrow [So Tomorrow single]
Mika Miko-Sex Jazz [Sex Jazz single]
The Interiors-She’s In Japan [Delays Are Dangerous LP]
The Pan I Am-Young God/Bad Thing [Web download]
True Widow-Duelist [True Widow LP]
Selfish Cunt-Chelsea [English Chamber Music LP]
Piano Magic-Vacancies [Dark Horses EP]
The Upsidedown-Halo [Human Destination LP]
The Drips-Downtown Brown [The Drips LP]
Threatmantics-High Waister [Upbeat Love LP]
The Starlets-White Noise [Out Into The Days From Here LP]
Woodpigeon-Piano Pieces For Adult Beginners [Treasury Library Canada LP]


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