Playlist for Monday, November 28th 2011..across the main streets

Live session this week from Zola Jesus recorded at Ace Hotel in NYC during CMJ 2011, USA.

…and on with the show.

Guided By Voices-We Won’t Apologize for the Human Race [We Won’t Apologize for the Human Race/The Unsinkable Fats Domino single]
younghusband-Neon Heartbreak [Crystal EP]
Balaclavas-Shit Meridian [Snake People LP]
David Warren-A Kind Of Tribute [The Knife 7″]
White Mystery-Birthday [Blood & Venom LP]
Sandman Viper Command-The Metal I’ve Spent [Everybody See This LP]
Os Drongos-Sun It! [Hi Batucada! LP]
Howler-14 days [This One’s Different EP]
Wounded Lion-Raincheck Vibrations [IVXLCDM LP]
Japanther-First Of All [Beets, Limes and Rice LP]
Kurt Vile-(so outta reach) [So Outta Reach EP]
White Ring-Hey Hey, My My [Hey Hey My My 12′]
Crystal Stilts-Still as the Night [Radiant Door LP]
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-We’ll Be Turned On [So Many Things LP]
Fanzine-Roman Holiday [Roman Holiday/My Stupid Brain single]
Former Bullies-It Might Be OK [Golden Chains LP]
93 Million Miles From the Sun-Sorrow Song [Northern Sky LP]

Listen again, podcast here and Mixcloud here

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