Playlist for Monday, November 2nd 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…

A bit of a podcast hiccup this week..but the playlist below is right there!

Cold Cave-Theme From Tomorrowland [Death Comes Close 12″]
Tokyo Sex Destruction-They’ve Lost Control [The Neighbourhood LP]
Thee Fair Ohs-Summer Lake [web download]
Call The Doctor-Little Bones [Call The Doctor MLP]
The Mopes-Summertime [Summertime]
Young Governor-25 With A Bullet [Hidden Love EP]
The Sticks-Messing Around [The Sticks LP]
DZ-Blue Blood (live) [myspace]
World’s Greatest Ghosts-Phantastes [World’s Greatest Ghosts LP]
Tap Tap-Codeine [On My Way LP]
Brilliant Colors-Absolutely Anything [Introducing LP]
Washed Out-You’ll See It [Life Of Leisure Ep]
Yeti Lane-Lucky Bag [Yeti Lane LP]
The Wagner Logic-This Number Isn’t The One [web download]
Cold Pumas-A Tempting Haunt [Jela EP]
Woven Bones-If You’re Gold, I’m Gone [The Minus Touch Ep]
Daniel Land & The Modern Painters-Codeine [Love Songs For The Chemical Generation Lp]
That Ghost-Never Have Fun [single]
Black Cab-Ghost Anthems [Call Signs LP]
Eternal Summers-I Must Winter [Eternal Summers EP]
Internet Forever-Cover The Walls [web download]
Nirvana-Intro (Live) [Bleach: Deluxe Edition LP]
Nirvana-School (Live) [Bleach: Deluxe Edition LP]
Nirvana-Lounge Act (Live) [Live At Reading LP]
Black Math-Bottomless Sea [EP]
Bombs Into You-Fighting Over Elevators [Metaphorically Yours [Volume 2] LP]
Frightened Rabbit-Fun Stuff [Swim Until You Can’t See Land single]

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