Playlist for Monday, October 12th 2015…..Tie my kangaroo down sport

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. This week we have a snapshot of the current Australian scene..

..on with the show playlist

Drunk Mums — Pretty Shitty [Gone Troppo LP]
Angie — Down For The Count [Free Agent LP]
Blank Realm — Palace Of Love [Illegals In Heaven LP]
BITCHRATCH — Real Housewife [I Know My Truth LP]
Dead China Doll — Hallelujah [Hallelujah CS]
Kitchen’s Floor — Doomed [Battle Of Brisbane LP]
Making — Highlife [Highlife LP]
Powernap — Dexies [single]
Circular Keys — Grow [Sorry! LP]
Terry — In The Bin [Talk About Terry 7″]
Ghastly Spats — Obsessed [Spinozism Exorcism LP]
Royal Headache — Carolina [High LP]
Sewers — Feel the Squeeze [Weight LP]
Sounds Like Winter — Hollow [single]
Deaf Wish — Newness Again [Pain LP]
h M A S — Friend Is Dead [Fear God Honour The King LP]
Ouch My Face — Your Head Is My Hat [Bunyip LP]
Kim & Leanne — Freudian Slippers [True West LP]
Mollusc — Anxiety [Mollusc cs]
Rat Columns — Strays [Fooling Around EP]
Cured Pink — Champagne [As A Four Piece Band LP]
Destiny 3000 — The Real Kim Deal [Destiny 3000 7″]
Hierophants — 321 [Parallax Error LP]
Crayon Fields — She’s My Hero [No One Deserves You LP]
Cuntz — Internet (Connect) [Force The Zone LP]

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