Playlist for Monday, October 19th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…

No live session this week so heaps of brand new indie goodness.

and on with the show..

Disconcerts-Cotton [A Medic Ep]
Editors-In This Light And On This Evening [In This Light And On This Evening LP]
Little Girls-Concepts [Concepts LP]
Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong-One Women [myspace]
Eternal Summers-Able To [S/T EP]
Hold Fast-Jaws [single]
Local Girls-Jesus Complex Man [Weapons 7″ LP]
Male Bonding-Rehearsal Song [Nail The Cross Mixtape] EP]
Blessure Grave-Learn to Love the Rope [Learn to Love the Rope EP]
This Tawdry Affair-Take A Look [ myspace]
I Concur-Iterate This (Extended) [Sobotka single]
Mannequin Men-Massage [Lose Your Illusion Two LP]
The Federals-Say [myspace]
The Cave Weddings-Bring Your Love [Bring Your Love 7″]
A Grave With No Name-8 Silver [Nail The Cross Mixtape]
Woven Bones-Your Sorcery [single]
Drummer-Buddyscapes [Feel Good Together LP]
Maps-Valium In The Sunshine [Turning The Mind LP]
Cold Pumas-Jela [EP]
Daily Bread-About Birds And Bees [Well, You’re Not Invited LP]
Boston Spaceships-Return To Your Ship [Zero To 99 LP]
White Hills-Dead [Dead EP]
Mixtapes & Cellmates-On Fire [Rox LP]
Gentle Friendly-RIP STATIC [myspace]
Moon Duo-Dead West [Killing Time EP]
Not Cool-Wonderful Beasts [single]
Strawberry Whiplash-Picture Perfect [Picture Perfect Ep]

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