Playlist for Monday, October 4th 2010, indie tunes galore!!

Live session this week from The Soft Pack recorded at the Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands.

…and on with the show.

Grinderman-Kitchenette [Grinderman 2 LP]
Girls In The Eighties-Roll with the Punches [Faceless Sonic Boom LP] free download
Dunes-Closing In [Dunes EP]
Cloud Nothings-Leave You Forever [Leave You Forever EP]
Warpaint-Ashes to Ashes [We Were So Turned On : A Tribute To David Bowie LP]
Big Troubles-Georgia [Worry LP]
Cloudland Canyon-Hope Sounds Dry [Fin Eaves LP]
SISU-Sharp Teeth [single]
Black Helicopter-Under The Bus [Don’t Fuck With The Apocalypse LP]
Jason Simon-Let’s Begin [Jason Simon LP]
Fight Like Apes-Kathmandu(Face it, You’re Caviar, I’m Hotdogs) [The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner LP]
Frankie Rose And The Outs-Must Be Nice [Frankie Rose And The Outs LP]
Superchunk-Learned To Surf [Majesty Shredding LP]
oOoOO-Burnout Eyess [oOoOO EP]
The Autumn Defense-The Rift [Once Around LP]
Glasser-Mirrorage [Ring LP]
How to Dress Well-Ecstasy With Jojo [single] free download
Crystal Stilts-Shake The Shackles [Shake The Shackles single]
Terror Bird-I Love No [Shadows in the Halls 7″]

This weeks podcast had a bad cast of shrinkage and starts cold at’s here

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