Playlist for Monday, October 5th 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…

No live session this week so heaps of brand new indie goodness.

and on with the show..

Mission Of Burma-1,2,3 Partyy! [The Sound The Speed The Light LP]
Built To Spill-Hindsight [There Is No Enemy LP]
Jemina Pearl-After Hours [Break It Up LP]
Bromheads-Boots [Free Download]
Bearsuit-Muscle Belt [Muscle Belt single]
Katsen-Constellation [It Hertz! LP]
I Heart Hiroshima-Old Tree [The Rip LP]
Bitches-High Brute [Bitches Tape]
Local Girls-Eartha Shit [Weapons 7″ LP]
Editors-In This Light And On This Evening [In This Light And On This Evening LP]
Lou Barlow-The Right [Goodnight Unknown LP]
Boris-Hey Everyone [8 single]
Girls-Darling [Girls LP]
Kurt Vile-Hunchback [Childish Prodigy LP]
I Concur-Sobotka [Able Archer LP]
Generationals-When They Fight, They Fight [Con Law LP]
Nephu Huzzband-Black & White [Elementary LP]
Disconcerts-I Found Child [A Medic Ep]
Moon Duo-Killing Time [Killing Time EP]
Royal Bangs-Waking Up Weird [Let It Beep LP]
Shabby Rogue-My Life As A Secret Agent [download]
Hornet Leg-I’m Leaving You [Ribbon Of Fear LP]
Meth Teeth-Never Been To Church [Everything Went Wrong LP]
Situationists-A Bag Of Nerves [Grazie Infinite Ep]
Small Black-Weird Machines [Small Black Ep]
The Raveonettes-Breaking Into Cars [In And Out Of Control LP]
Thee Oh Sees-Voice In The Mirror [Dog Poison LP]

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