Playlist for Monday, September 21st 2009, indie tunes galore!!

A world wide indie tour…

No live session this week so a big fat two hour of indie goodness.

and on with the show..

The Drums-Don’t Be A Jerk, Jonny [Summertime! EP]
My Disco-Antler [Split 7″ with Young Widows]
Thee Oh Sees-Tidal Wave [Tidal Wave 7″]
Plasticzooms-Love [Charm LP]
Roofwalkers-They Think They Own The Place [Roofwalkers LP]
The Ettes-Blood Red Blood [Do You Want Power LP]
Times New Viking-Those Days [Born Again Revisited LP]
The Twilight Sad-Reflection Of The Television [Forget The Night Ahead LP]
Pistol Mob-If You Want Me To [Close Enough LP]
(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope-13 Days [All This Heaven LP]
Soft Tags-Secret Shoppers pt. 2 [Seafoam Green LP]
the black heart procession-forget my heart [six LP]
Then-Oblivion 2 [Happy Cloud EP]
The Spivs!-It’s True [single]

93 Million Miles From The Sun-StepIntoTheHigh [93 Million Miles From The Sun LP]
Electric Assembly-Wipe The Sun Off Your Shoes [White Splinter EP]
Hornet Leg-Ruined My Life [Ribbon Of Fear LP]
Bats-Shadow Fucking [Red In Tooth & Claw LP]
Nephu Huzzband-Almost Over [Elementary LP]
Katsen-Lets Build A City [It Hertz! LP]
Her Space Holiday-The Boys And Girls (Early Version) [The Early Paws Collection EP]
Owen-Amnesia And Me [New Leaves LP]
Wussy-Muscle Cars [Wussy LP]

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