Playlist for Monday, September 26th 2011…..oooops

Live session this week from Hoop Dreams recorded at Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of [free download]

…and on with the show.

Fair Ohs-Eden Rock [Everything Is Dancing LP]
Kindest Lines-Dark dream [Covered In Dust LP]
Washed Out-Far Away [Within and Without LP]
Dominant Legs-The One That You’re With [Invitation LP]
Cymbals Eat Guitars-Wavelengths [Lenses Alien LP]
Grooms-Skating with Girl [Prom LP]
Tomorrows Tulips-Eternally Teenage [Eternally Teenage LP]
Dum Dum Girls-Just a Creep [Only in Dreams LP]
Gay For Johnny Depp-She Has The Hottest Limp (It’s All Noize) [What Doesn’t Kill You, Eventually Kills You LP]
Caged Animals-All The Beautiful Things In The World [Eat Their Own LP]
Sungrazer-Octo [Mirador LP]
Sleepies-Feelers [Hot Singles single]
Way Through-WB [Arrow Shower LP]
Tunnels-Without Light [The Blackout LP]
Nirvana-About A Girl (Live) [Nevermind (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) LP]
Wallis Bird-Lounge Act [Musikexpress-A Tribute To Nevermind CD with mag]

This weeks podcast here

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