Playlist for Monday,January 9th 2012..

No live session this week…so many tunes to get though..

…and on with the show.

Feathers-Darklands [Hunter’s Moon LP]
Jesse Ruins-A Bookshelf Sinks Into The Sand [A Bookshelf Sinks Into The Sand / In Icarus 7″]
Young Governor-One Look Around [Where It’s Quiet Ep]
Opposite Sex-Got To Eat [Opposite Sex LP]
Frankie Rose-Know Me [Interstellar LP]
Terry Malts-Tumble Down [Killing Time LP]
Allo Darlin’-Capricornia [Europe LP]
Final Club-Wizard Wells [Blank Entertainment LP]
Alexrossi-Je Te Prends [Je Te Prends 7″]
Pete And The Pirates-Tough Luck [Half Moon Street 7″]
The Submarines-Shoelaces [Love Notes/Letter Bombs LP]
The Twilight Sad-Kill It In The Morning [No One Can Ever Know LP]
Pairs-Five Kuai [Summer Sweat LP] free download NZ Tour
Ipswich-I Could Care Less [Living In A Stranger’s Home Ep] free download
Cruddy-Negative World [Negative World LP]
That Fucking Tank-Acid Jam [TFT LP]
Beast Make Bomb-1, 2, 3, 4 [Sourpuss 7″]
Cloud Nothings-Our Plans [Attack On Memory LP]
Secret Colours-Legends Of Love [Ep3 EP]
Slim Twig-There’s A Secret To Your Pleasure [There’s A Secret To Your Pleasure 7″]
U.S. Girls-High School Poetry [Island Song 7″]
Former Babies-Werewolf [The Blackout Album LP] free download

This weeks podcast here and Mixcloud here

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