Playlist for Monday, 14th November 2016….it’s all coming together quite nicely really.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Zombies Under Stress – Stalin (Seven-Sisters Of-Putin-Remix) [Stalin 12”]
Plath – Proletarian Submission 2 (Alessandro Adriani Remix) [Plath 12” ]
Beau Wanzer – Shock Therapy [Untitled LP II]
The Terminals – Castaway [Uncoffined LP]
The English Teeth – Fashion [The English Teeth EP]
Lower Plenty – All The Young Men [Sister, Sister LP]
The Foreign Resort – Onto Us [The American Dream EP]
Hello Shark – New Car [Delicate LP]
Birthday Noose – Mop Hog [Noosifer LP]
Consuumer – Radio [Shattered Fruit EP]
Luxury Death – Painkiller [single]
Death Valley Rally – Northern Lights [Northern Lights LP]
Hater – Mental Haven [You Tried LP]
3108 – Even If There’s A Spark… [Untitled LP]
King Dude – Prisoners [Sex LP]
Swampmeat – Sister Mary [Gin & Tonic LP]
Unruly Milk – Amabassadeurs [Spilaggges LP]
Oh Boland – Caller So Cold [Spilt Milk LP]
Pale Angels – You Don’t Dance [Daydreaming Blues LP]
Jason Simon – Pretty Polly [Familiar Haunts LP]
Slow Mass – Nice But Not Kind [Treasure Pains LP]
T House – Disco In Quarantine [Cold Deck EP]
The Sueves – Last Regret [Change Your Life LP]
Thigh Master – D.D. [Early Times LP]
The Peep Tempel – Kalgoorlie [Joy LP]
Allison Crutchfield – Dean’s Room [Tourist In This Town LP]
Nikolas Escudero – Sand [100 LP]

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