Playlist for Monday, 19th September 2016…..I can’t tell what you represent.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen [Sista Valsen EP]
Cienfuegos – Slipping Venus [Lost In God’s Country LP]
Nick Klein – Do You Want To Crash [The Lonesome Gambler LP]
Skinny Girl Diet – Yeti [Heavy Flow LP]
Ausmuteants – I Hate You [Band Of The Future LP]
Actual Crimes – I Don’t Want To See [Ceramic Cat Traces LP]
Basement Family – Meat_Cat [Basement Family EP]
Nervous Twitch – Something Wrong With Me [Don’t Take My TV LP]
Jenny Hval – Period Piece [Blood Bitch LP]
Black Twig – Gods [Blaze On A Plain LP]
Scraps – Dreams [Ttnik LP]
Citrus Clouds – Imagination [magination LP]
Grumbling Fur – Milky Light [Furfour LP]
Rocketship – My Broken Heart [Constant And True — A Tribute To The Songs Of Rose Melberg LP]
Teenage Sin Taste – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely [These Important Years, Husker Du Revisited LP]
Dumb Numbers – Essence//Existence [Dumb Numbers ll LP]
Cold Meat – Praying To The Gaps [Jimmy’s Lipstick 7″]
Crossed Wires – Jinx [False Spring 7″]
Bueno – Eye On The Cards [Illuminate Your Room LP]
Dehd – Thousand Times [Dehd CS]
Good Morning TV – Ordinary People [Good Morning TV EP]
Graveyard Club – Nightcrawler [Cellar Door LP]
Pariuh – Harvest Moon [Past Lives’ Excessive Future LP]
Polypores – The Politician [The Fialka Transmissions LP]
Cold Cave – Rue The Day [The Idea Of Love 7″]
Mike Rep And The Quotas – Editions Of You [Hellbender LP]
Nancy – Midnite [A Nice Package LP]
La Sera – Queens [Queens EP]

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