Playlist for Monday, 5th December 2016….a dark weekend.

We dedicate this week’s show to all that have been touched by the tragedy of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland.

..on with the show playlist

Introflirt – Could Be Fun [Temporary Heaven LP]
Alison Clancy – Tried2callubutididnthaveurnumber [Psycho Tyko LP]
Baba Naga – Deificyen [Plná Krvy/Deificyen EP]
Golden Apes – Grinding Mills [M A L V S LP]
Nehza – Rouge [Rêverie[S] CS]
Virginia Wing – Hammer A Nail [Forward Constant Motion LP]
The Franklys – Castaway [single]
Clear Plastic Masks – The Money [Nazi Hologram LP]
Eskimeaux – What The Fuck? [Song, By Toad Split 12″ V5 LP]
Forth Wanderers – Slop [Slop LP]
The Moonlandingz – Black Hanz (Dave Fridmann Radio Mix) [single]
Drahla – Fictional Decision [Fictional Decision single]
The Prostitutes – She’s A Prostitute [Desire Will Set You Free LP]
Nervous Jerk – Bones [single]
Good Boy – Sycophant [Plum EP]
Bless – Ya Want Me [Bless CS]
New Fries – 90 Yr Old Girl [More LP]
Ravioli Me Away – Ultimate Destruction [Living Is A Myth LP]
White – Step Up [Cuts That Don’t Bleed EP]
Oh800 – Shoulda Known It [single]
The Men – Hit The Ground [Devil Music LP]
Toby Coke – Sick Trips [Time Negator CS]
Weak Boys – Acab [Weak Boys II LP]
Yuppies Indeed – A Boys Don’t Have Result [Stropharia LP]
Robocobra Quartet – Nice Life [Music For All Occasions LP]
Terminal Cheesecake – Mr Wimpey’s Day Trip To Guilford Haven [Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients LP]
The Wharves – Venus Of Hornchurch [Electa LP]
Piano Magic – Exile [Closure LP]

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