Playlist for Monday, 6th February 2017….my room smells like an ashtray

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Bardo Pond – Crossover [Under The Pines LP]
Moon Duo – Will Of The Devil  [Occult Architecture Vol. 1 LP]
Kindling – Claims Nonexistence [No Generation EP]
Shadowgraphs – Countryside [Venomous Blossoms LP]
Tashaki Miyaki – Girls on T.V. [The Dream LP]
Post War Glamour Girls – Chipper [Swan Songs LP]
Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free [Freedom Is Free LP]
Aquarian Blood – Heaven Is In My Head [Last Nite In Paradise LP]
Super Natural Psycho – Ways Of The Wave [single]
L.A. Witch – Brian [single]
Chastity – Die From My Mind [single]
God Damn – It Bites [Everything Ever LP]
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel – Ending [When The Morning Greets You With A Smile LP]
Los Angeles Police Department – The Plane 2 [single]
The Sly Persuaders – TFD [The Sly Persuaders LP]
Ballad Of Geraldine – What’s The Deal [Another Cigarette LP]
Allison Crutchfield – Chopsticks On Pots And Pans [Tourist In This Town LP]
Family Scraps – Mistakes [Mistakes single]
Brandon Can’t Dance – Me Inside Here [Graveyard Of Good Times LP]
Damaged Bug – Bog Dash [single]
The Bordellos – i’m a man [version 1] [The Bordello underground tape vol 5 EP]
Life – Euromillions [single]
Gulp – Search For Your Love [single]
Tobin Sprout – Heart Of Wax [The Universe And Me LP]
Dream Joints – Dust [So Much Fun single]

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