Playlist for Monday, December 7th 2015…..seemed to go ok this time.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Chicos De Nazca – Crushing In My Head [Fire Ride LP]
Gnod – Desire [Infinity Machines LP]
Consumer Electronics – Murder Your Masters [Dollhouse Songs LP]
Clay Rendering – Patient Days [Snowthorn LP]
Elora – Tú [Tú LP]
Strange Faces – I Saw Your Face [Stonerism LP]
Car Seat Headrest – Maud Gone [Teens Of Style LP]
Frankie Cosmos – O Contest Winner [Fit Me In EP]
Glockenwise – Heat [Heat LP]
Pete Astor – My Right Hand [Spilt Milk LP]
Sextile – Visions Of You [A Thousand Hands LP]
Stella Diana – Mira [Alhena LP]
Tülips – Perfect Love [Doom & Bloom LP]
David Peel & Death – Uptight Manhattan [King Of Punk LP]
The Foetals – Nothing [Meet The Foetals LP]
Teen Liver – Comatose [3 Songs single]
Dante Elephante – Never Trust A Junkie [Anglo​-​Saxon Summer LP]
Enemy Anemone – Who Is Your Enemy [Untitled 7″]
Hothead – How It Goes [Hothead LP]
Bruising – Honey [Emo Friends/Honey Single]
Evil Blizzard – Stupid People [Everybody Come To Church LP]
Mama – 3 Tricks [Speed Trap 7″]
Gross Pointe – Bad Seed [Bad Seed 7″]
Marriage – Sweater Of The Galaxy [Pool Blunt LP]
Kurt Cobain – Sappy (Early Demo) [Montage Of Heck – The Home Recordings LP]

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