Playlist for Monday, July 18th 2016…..If you need what I want.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Lvl Up – Pain [Return To Love LP]
Holy Balm – Clandestine [Activity LP]
Creative Adult – Heal [Fear of Life LP]
Children Of Leir – Shades [single]
Omni – Earrings [Deluxe LP]
The Esskays – Girl, Tell Me What’s Your Game? [Rain Drop Garden LP]
Cool Ghouls – Days [Animal Races LP]
Basement Revolver – Johnny [Basement Revolver EP]
T-Rextasy – Sorry Not Sorry [Jurassic Punk LP]
The Julie Ruin – Roses More Than Water [Hit Reset LP]
Doe – Sincere [Some Things Last Longer Than You LP]
The Brotherhood Of Lizards – On Planets Where I Was Young [Lizardland: The Complete Works LP]
Consilience – Walking Through A Dead Night [Under Our Beds LP]
A Grave With No Name – House [Wooden Mask LP]
Lake Ruth – Dr Snow And The Broad Street Pump [Actual Entity LP]
Dazy Crown – Move [Move single]
Public Eye – Soft Strain [Mood Change Party LP]
T.O.Y.S – Wall [Sicks LP]
Snail Mail – Thinning [Habit CS]
Outer Spaces – I Saw You [A Shedding Snake LP]
Cigarette – Warm Shadows [Warm Shadows B/W Loves Mirror 7″]
Tape Waves – So Fast [Here To Fade LP]
The Wind-Up Birds – The Strewing Area [The Right LP]
Wireheads – Nero [Arrive Alive LP]
Yung – A Mortal Sin [A Youthful Dream LP]

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