Playlist for Monday, July 25th 2016…..keep moving to the correct zone

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Steven Wright – Coexistence [Repetition LP]
Cult Of Dom Keller – Nothing Left To Stay For [Goodbye To The Light LP]
Hex – Wives [Calling To The Universe LP]
Wyatt Blair – In The Name Of Love [Point Of No Return LP]
Hollywood Brats – Tumble With Me [Sick On You LP]
Allah Las – Could Be You [Calico Review LP]
Cosmonauts – Party At Sunday [A-Ok! LP]
American Anymen – Beach And The Sun [Selectively Stupid LP]
Eros And The Eschaton – Rxx [Weight Of Matter LP]
The Blind Shake – Breakfast Of Failures [Breakfast Of Failures LP]
City Yelps – Canyons [The City Yelps Half Hour LP]
Seafang – Summertime [Motorcycle Song LP]
Cowtown – Tweak [Paranormal Romance LP]
Catsuit – Starlet [Starlet / Green Heart Single]
Trust Punks – Leaving Room For The Lord [Double Bind LP]
Lisa Prank – Starting Again [Adult Teen LP]
Trust Fund – Melody Gloucester Pegasus [We Have Always Lived In The Harolds LP]
Ghost Wave – Don’t Ask Why [Radio Norfolk LP]
Jo Passed – Singular [Up EP]
T.O.Y.S – G-A-C [Sicks LP]
Fraudband – You Confuse Me [The Bevis Frond/Fraudband Split LP]
Pylon – Stop It [Live LP]
The Wolfhounds – Now I’m A Killer [Untied Kingdom LP]
The Mystery Lights – Candlelight [The Mystery Lights LP]
Guiguisuisui – Low Interest Salvation [Wu Xing EP]

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