Playlist for Monday, June 9th 2014….extended web version, extra tracks!

A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…..

…on with this weeks show

Kim Deal – The Root  [The Root 7″]
Last Remaining Pinnacle – Million Miles From Home  [64 LP]
Brown Brogues – Getting Caned In The Face With An Ashtray  [Zoloto EP]
Death And The Maiden – Flowers For The Blind  [single]
Ceremony – Birds  [Birds EP]
Archie Bronson Outfit – Bloodheat  [Fur LP]
Downtown Boys – Slumlord Sal  [Downtown Boys 7″]
Gazar Strips – Last Days  [Sparkling LP]
Donovan Blanc – That Summer Ago  [Donovan Blanc LP]
Bob Mould – Tomorrow Morning  [Beauty & Ruin LP]
Cruising – You Made Me Do That  [You Made Me Do That single]
Joya – Super Torradas  [Primo Ep]
Klaus Johann Grobe – Kothek  [Im Sinne Der Zeit LP]
The Oscillation – Somewhere To Go  [Cable Street Sessions EP]
Black Twig – She’s Still My Friend  [Heliogram LP]
D A Y D R E A M I N G – Sonic Youth Is In My Cooler  [Dazed LP]
Chain & The Gang – Crime Don’t Pay  [Minimum Rock N Roll LP]
Low Fat Getting High – Everything Forever Always  [Poor Circulation EP]
The Whip Hand – Arms  [Wavefold LP]
Luna Ghost – Switch On  [Luna Ghost Ep]

Podcast Only Tracks

Swans – Oxygen  [To Be Kind LP]
Total Control – Bloody Glass  [Typical System LP]
Jenks Miller – Have Mercy  [Roads To Ruin LP]
Marie Davidson – Abduction   [Perte D’identite LP]

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