Playlist for Monday, October 6th 2014….just a little break

A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…unfortunately the show became announcer less after your host missed a step and broke one’s ankle between Slum Of Legs and Setting Sun tracks, true story. The things I do…

…on with this weeks show

ROC – Excised  [ROC LP]
Villain – Wwjld  [Villain LP]
The Debutantes – Burn The Merchandise  [S/T EP CS]
Sea Pinks – Not Belonging  [Dreaming Tracks LP]
The History Of Apple Pie – Special Girl  [Feel Something LP]
Ela Stiles – Misplaced Charity  [5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Per Purpose – Blind and Assistant    [5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Terrible Truths – False Hope  [5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Full Ugly – Same Familiar Street  [5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Bitch Prefect – Sunday  [Big Time LP]
Peter Escott – The Missing O  [[5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Love of Diagrams – Eyes  [5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Angel Eyes – Bed  [5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Tunabunny – Power Breaks  [Kingdom Technology LP]
Metronomes – Justification  [Time Keeping 1978-1985 LP]
Powerdove – Be Mine  [Arrest EP]
Wrangler – Mus Iic  [L.A. Spark LP]
Perfume Genius – Longpig  [Too Bright LP]
Shellac – Riding Bikes  [Dude Incredible LP]
Slum Of Legs – Razorblade The Tape  [Begin To Dissolve 7″]
Setting Sun – Idiot  [Be Here When You Get There LP]
So Slow – Prosto W Noc  [Dharavi LP]
Orquidea – Se Va  [Abril LP]
Joel Gion – Radio Silence  [Apple Bonkers LP]
Hong Kong – High Noon  [High Noon LP]
So Cow – Turning Into You  [The Long Con LP]
Anthroprophh – Crow With Sore Throat  [Outside The Circle LP]
Mecca Normal – Art Was The Great Leveler  [Empathy For The Evil LP]
Lightfoils – Addict  [Hierarchy LP]

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