Radio playlist for Monday, June 23rd that are spinning on the turntable this week.

CSS-How I Became Paranoid [Donkey LP]
Iliketrains-We Go Hunting [We Go Hunting EP]
Jack and The Beanstalks -Nothing to do [Demo]
Je Suis Animal-Sparkle Spit [Self-Taught Magic From a Book LP]
John & Jehn-Sister [Fear Fear Fear single]
Melvins-Suicide In Progress [Nude With Boots LP]
My Teenage Stride-Skin Lieutenant [Lesser Demons LP]
My Bloody Valentine-Only Shallow [ICA, London, 13th June 2008 web]
Low-Little Argument With Myself [You May Need A Murderer DVD]
Sonic Youth-Sugar Kane [Hits Are For Squares LP]
Faux Hoax-Foxworthy [PDX Pop Now 2008 LP]
JonnyX and the Groadies-Castle/Face [PDX Pop Now 2008 LP]
The Woodlands-Until the Day Dims [PDX Pop Now 2008 LP]
Chromatics-Night Drive [PDX Pop Now 2008 LP]
The Radio Dept.-Freddie And The Trojan Horse [Freddie And The Trojan Horse EP]
The Sugars-Unnamed Duet [The Curse Of The Sugars LP]
Fuck Dress-Sunshine Corporation [Suburban Nietzsche Freak single]
XX Teens-Only You [Welcome To Goon Island LP]
What Would Jesus Drive-The Girls Are In Charge [Demo web]
Bogart & The Addictives-Monsoon Lovers [Bogart & The Addictives LP]
Violet Violet-Cereal Reflector [Bring! Bring! The Morn And Bike Till Dawn single]
The Manhattan Love Suicides-Heat And Panic [Clusterfuck single]
Bubblegum Lemonade-Surfin’ USB [Susan’s In The Sky EP]
Rotary Ten-Time Is Not A Line And I Am Not A Rock [These Are Our Hands LP]
Slow Down Tallahassee-The Beautiful Light [The Beautiful Light LP]
Tesco Chainstore Mascara-You Lost Me At Hello [Demo web]
Sarandon -Remember Mavis? [Kill Twee Pop LP]


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