A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with the show playlist

Air Formation – Wasted Days [Were We Ever Here EP]
Cured Pink – Essential [As A Four Piece Band LP]
Colder – Many Colours [Many Colours LP]
Magic Castles – Hollow Moon [Starflower LP]
Minami Deutsch – Terra Recipe [Minami Deutsch LP]
Uncle Acid – Waiting For Blood [The Night Creeper LP]
H M A S – The Prince [Fear God Honour The King LP]
Kill Alters – D20 [Kill Alters CS]
Destiny 3000 – Jibbers [Destiny 3000 EP]
Kindling – Other Times [Spike & Wave EP]
Joya – Moderate [Going Postal LP]
Terry – Talk About Terry [Talk About Terry 7″
Pinky Swear – Until You Love Me [Only One Person Came To My Graduation Party EP]
Salad Boys – I’m A Mountain [Metalmania LP]
Little Desert – Captive Mast [Single]
Pit Ponies – Country Song [Magnificent Second Occupation LP]
Mollusc – Touch It Up [Mollusc CS]
Yokan System – Ipanema [Whispering LP]
Pwr Bttm – Dairy Queen [Ugly Cherries LP]
Prime Time – Anyway [Single]
Dope Body – Casual [Kunk LP]
Ghastly Spats – Obsessed [Spinozism Exorcism LP]
Ausmuteants – Mates Rates [Mates Rates 7″]
Sudakistan – Mundo Mamon [single]
Shitwife – The Reason For The Season Is Pleasin’ [Big Lad LP]

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