A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..…

..on with the show.

Death And The Maiden – Victory  [Death And The Maiden LP]
Dollar Bar – Australia Hates Me  [Hot Ones LP]
Dick Diver – Boomer Class  [Melbourne, Florida LP]
Sarah Mary Chadwick – I’m God I’m Fate  [9 Classic Tracks LP]
Eskimeaux – Broken Necks  [O.K LP]
Coastal – San Malo (Guitar Version)  [Beneath The Snow & Streetlight LP]
The Soft Moon – Black  [Deeper LP]
Flyying Colours – Not Today  [ROYGBIV EP]
Pope – Animal  [Fiction LP]
Candy – Without A Care  [Wrapped In Plastic LP]
Actual Crimes – Beach  [Cassette! CS]
The Ethical Debating Society – Outside  [Hen’s Teeth CS]
Real Numbers – Up And About  [Up And About CS]
The Declining Winter – The Sweet Sound Of North  [Home For Lost Souls LP]
Erase Errata – My Life In Shadows  [Lost Weekend LP]
Adult Mom – Ode To One Night Stands  [Sometimes Bad Happens CS]
Kitchen’s Floor – Resident Dregs  [forthcoming single]
Apache Viking – Magic Dudes  [Magic Dudes CS]
Wet Blankets – Hobo  [Rise Of Wet Blankets LP]
Spectres – Lump  [Dying LP]
God Bows To Math – High Strings  [Brighter Futures LP]
Gateway Drugs – Mommy  [Magick Spells LP]
Beech Creeps – Sun Of Sud  [Beech Creeps LP]
Annabelle Chairlegs – All Black In The Sun [Watermelon Summer LP]
Lucern Raze – Carana  [Stockholm One LP]
Karen Meat & The Players – Pizza & Beer  [Karen Meat & The Computer CS]
Death Valley Girls – Electric High  [Single]
The Manhattan Love Suicides – Nowhere Bound  [More Heat! More Panic! LP]

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