A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..…

..on with the show.

Ovlov – The Great Ohmu  [Ex-Breathers/Ovlov/Woozy/Gnarwhal Split EP]
Ex-Breathers – Falling Away  [Ex-Breathers/Ovlov/Woozy/Gnarwhal Split EP]
Gnarwhal – Sangwich  [Ex-Breathers/Ovlov/Woozy/Gnarwhal Split EP]
Woozy – Magma Stoddard  [Ex-Breathers/Ovlov/Woozy/Gnarwhal Split EP]
Claire & The Cops – Never Get Enough  [Lounge Lovers EP]
Deerhoof – Exit Only  [La Isla Bonita LP]
Githead – What If?  [Waiting For A Sign LP]
Mentalease – Heavy Eyes  [Indian Summer LP]
Excess – Instructions For Listening  [Escape From Brisbane LP]
Future Punx – See You In The Future  [I’m So Inspired EP]
Harps – Autumn Song  [Always Sitting LP]
Owen – Descender  [Other People’s Songs LP]
Peter Kernel – You’re Flawless  [Thrill Addict LP]
Wet Socks– My Lights Are Out  [Drips LP]
Desperate Journalist – Cristina  [Desperate Journalist LP]
Bracken – Colour And Calm  [Exist Resist LP]
Turn To Crime – Forgiveness  [Can’t Love LP]
Glass Skies – Spirits  [Going Steady Mixtape #5 – Sydney Psych Fest edition LP]
Lightfoils – Addict  [Static Waves 3 LP]
Static Daydream – I Want You  [Static Waves 3 LP]
Sunbears! – Laughing Girl!  [Future Sounds LP]
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love – Burrow  [Burrow single]
Django Django – First Light  [First Light single]
Viet Cong – Pointless Experience  [Viet Cong LP]
H. Grimace – To The Shaggerston  [I Am Material EP]
The Living Eyes – Eat It Up  [Living Large LP]
Sleaford Mods – I’m Shit At It  [A Little Ditty single]

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