A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with the show playlist

Dead Sea Apes – Brought To Light [Spectral Domain LP]
Minami Deutsch – Übergleich Part I [Minami Deutsch LP]
High Sunn – I Want Yr Heart [| Luv Songs For Whiners LP]
The Sunday Reeds – Pretty People [Pretty People single]
Pesky – Keep Me [Smells Like Tween Spirit EP]
Grubs – Nuffin [It Must Be Grubs LP]
Die Goldenen Zitronen – The Investor [Flogging A Dead Frog LP]
Rose Mcdowall – Tibet [Cut With The Cake Knife LP]
Keep Shelly In Athens – Silent Rain [Now I’m Ready LP]
Ausmuteants – Echo Beach [Mates Rates 7″]
The Mantles – Hate To See You Go [All Odds End LP]
Detached Objects – Look Away [Detached Objects LP]
Die Nerven – Gerade Deswegen [Out LP]
Girl Band – Texting An Alien [Holding Hands With Jamie LP]
Buck Biloxi And The Fucks – I’m Not A Whiner [Streets Of Rage LP]
Cuntz – Chinese Dream Boat [Force The Zone LP]
Lame Drivers – Outlaw For A Day [Chosen Era LP]
Comasummer – Rental Kisses [Out Of The Sun LP]
SPORTS – The washing machine [All Of Something LP]
Black Wing – Black Wing […Is Doomed LP]
Dope Body – Pincher [Kunk LP]
Ought – Celebration [Sun Coming Down LP]
Sealings – My Boyfriend’s Dead [I’m A Bastard LP]
Wand – Dungeon Dropper [1000 Days LP]
Lucern Raze – Snarl [Happy & Astray EP]
Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim – Nature Poem [Cultural Thrift LP]

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