A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

…on with the show.

Lumerians – Murder Dubbs  [Transmissions From Telos Vol. III LP]
Nots – Black Mold  [We Are Nots LP]
Exhaustion – Blunt Eyes  [Biker LP]
Cult Of Youth – No Regression  [Final Days LP]
Mesa Cosa – Sydney  [Yaya Brouhaha LP]
Virgin Kids – Desolation Peaks  [Virgin Kids EP]
Connections – Dream Girl  [5 Imaginary Boys EP]
Ought – Waiting  [Once More With Feeling…    EP]
The Pathetic And Elegant – Pchof  [I Am In Love LP]
Bunnies On Ponies – Baked  [Heat Death Of The Universe LP]
Gazar Strips – Daylight  [Single]
Dream Police – John  [Hypnotized LP]
The Dance Asthmatics – Liquid Lunch  [single]
RST & Lenz – Illusions & Inventions  [Heavy With Illusion LP]
Diarrhea Planet – Spooners  [Aliens In The Outfield EP]
Fugazi – The Word  [First Demo LP]
Omega Vague – Beyond The Stars  [Reveries LP]
Clustersun – Hipgnosis  [Out Of Your Ego LP]
Bat Nouveau – Hung High  [Metamorphoses LP]
Happy Meals – Altered Images  [Apéro LP]
Scotdrakula – Kill What You Love  [Scotdrakula LP]
Giant Burger – Lancelot On The Dole/Back On The Horse  [Second 7″]
The Wands – She’s Electric  [The Dawn LP]

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