No live set this evening due to excessive top tunes you need to hear..
…and on with the show…
NopePentrich Rising    [Revision LP]
Siamese TwinsIn A Box    [single] 
Strange HandsSmell    [Dead Flowers LP] 
The See SeeGold And Honey    [Fountanye Mountain LP] 
Horse FeathersA Heart Arcane    [Cynic’s New Year LP] 
Allo Darlin’Wonderland    [Europe LP] 
BalaclavasMoon Roof    [Second Sight EP] 
Haight AshburyFreelove    [Haight Ashbury 2: The Ashburys LP] 
HoneydrumVoiceman    ]Stranger Calls 7″ / Do U Party? EP]
Kevin Greenspon + Nicole KidmanSouthpaw    [Already Dead 7″]
British Sea PowerOver Your Cities Grass Will Grow    [EP5 EP] 
The Men From…Beyond!!The Law Is A Heartbreaker    [Is This The End Of…? EP] freedownload 
Lower DensBrains    [Nootropics LP] 
Cat VenomSleepwalk To The Slaughter    [cassette EP] 
Beach HouseThe Hours    [Bloom LP] 
Evans The DeathWet Blanket    [Evans The Death LP] 
Craft SpellsBurst    [Gallery EP] 
Tim ChaplinThe Answer In Your Eyes    [Daisy Chain Fridays EP] $1 download 
Strawberry WhiplashPicture Perfect    [Hits In The Car LP]
TeenangerLawyer Up    [Frights LP] 
Nice FaceCold Shoulder    [Horizon Fires LP] 
Julia HolterGoddess Eyes    [Tragedy LP] 
The Just JoansAh Hear You’re The Man Now, John    [Buckfast Bottles In The Rain LP] 
The Wind-Up BirdsCross Country    [The Land LP]
White SunsFootprints Filled    [Sinews LP] 
HellshovelLion In A Zoo    [Hated By The Sun LP]
TaffyFlower Chain    [Caramel Sunset LP]
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