A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

…on with the show.

Jim Nothing – Apple Tree (live)
Raspberry Bulbs – Finger Bones  [Privacy LP]
Wolf Girl – Heart In Your Head  [Mama’s Boy CS]
Thurston Moore – Detonation  [The Best Day LP]
Lee Ranaldo And The Dust – Angles  [Acoustic Dust LP]
Liam Kenny – Never Ever  [A Kenny For Your Thoughts LP]
Witching Waves – Under The Stairs  [Outline CD]
Bully – Brainfreeze  [Bully EP]
Weak Boys – Hangovers  [Weekdays/Weekends LP]
Meatbodies – Him  [Meatbodies LP]
England’s Glory – City Of Fun  [Hozac Archival #11 Uk 1971 7″]
Electric Eels – Accident  [Hozac Archival #10 Cleveland 1975 7″]
Zoe Zac – 3000 Friends  [Flow Chart EP]
Exhaustion – Silver Fog  [Biker LP]
Beach Day – Pretty  [Native Echoes LP]
Girlpool – Jane  [Girlpool EP]
White Sands – Years  [The Wait EP
Nominal State – Middle Class  [Bart Bay Area Retrograde Vol. 1 LP]
Baby Buddha – Little Things  [Bay Area Retrograde (Bart) Vol. 2 LP]
Martin Carr – Mountains  [The Breaks LP]
Whale Hum – These Old Songs  [Dream Wake CS]
Mechanimal – Ode To Europe  [Secret Science LP]
Corners – Maxed Out On Distractions  [Maxed Out On Distractions LP]
Nothing – July The Fourth  [Whirr & Nothing Split EP]
Whirr – Ease  [Whirr & Nothing Split EP]
Lightfoils – Mock Sun  [Hierarchy LP]

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