A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with this weeks show

Happyness – Naked Patients  [Weird Little Birthday LP]
Twin Peaks – Flavor  [Wild Onion LP]
Rat Columns – Straight To Hell  [Leaf LP]
Soft Walls – Guided Through      [No Time LP]
Bill Baird – Trapped In Paradise  [Diamond Eyepatch CS]
Human Hair – Chapter & Verse  [My Life As A Beast & Lowly Form LP]
Priests – And Breeding  [Bodies And Control And Money And Power LP]
Straight Arrows – Fruit Of The Forest  [Rising LP]
The Chills – Molten Gold  [single]
Lower Plenty – On The Beach  [Life/Thrills LP]
Lowtide – Blue Movie  [Lowtide LP]
Gloss Rejection – Too Far Gone  [Male Multiple cs]
Oh, Rose – Lottery  [1919 single]
The Shine Brothers – White Tears  [Hello Griefbirds ! LP]
Low Life – Dream Machine  [Dogging LP]
Executive Slacks – Thirty Years  [Executive Slacks EP]
Melbourne Cans – Prom Night  [Moonlight Malaise LP]
Uplines – 失控  [album]
Pizza Time – (I’m Gonna Try To) Romance U  [U Wanna Pizza Me? LP]
La Hell Gang – Last Hit  [Thru Me Again LP]
Cretin Stompers – Cowboy From Mars  [Looking Forward To Being Attacked LP]
Jonnie Common – Shark  [Song, By Toad Split 12″]
Bleached – For The Feel  [For The Feel single]
Roberta Bondar – Children  [Caustic cs]
The Royal Pines – What The Hell Happened Here Last Night?  [Three Sheets LP]
Youngteam – Black Rider  [Fading Into Night LP]

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