A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

I was filling in on Tim’s show “On the Decks”. He injured himself while trying some weird trans-alpine ski adventure on roller skates. I thought I would touch on the Australian scene…

..on with the show

The Ancients – Green Face  [Night Bus LP]
Blank Realm – Falling Down The Stairs  [Grassed Inn LP]
Lower Plenty – On The Beach  [Life/Thrills LP]
Scrabbled – Losing My Way  [Welcome To Pig City LP]
Multiple Man – Body Double  [Multiple Man 7”]
Straight Arrows – Make Up Your Mind  [Rising LP]
Gazar Strips – Sparkling  [Sparkling LP]
Night Terrors – Galaxia  [Spiral Vortex LP]
Full Ugly – Hilly Street  [Spent The Afternoon LP]
The Walking Who – Getting It Together  [Beached Friends Comp download]
Lowtide – Wedding Ring  [Lowtide LP]
Primitive Motion – Skyline  [Worlds Floating By LP]
Scraps – Projections  [Electric Ocean LP]
Ela Stiles – Legs Won’t Bend  [Ela Stiles LP]
Flyying Colours – She Leaves  [Flyying Colours Ep]
Hockey Dad – I Need A Woman  [Dreamin’ LP]
The Twerps – Hypocrite  [Underlay EP]
Nun – Uri Geller  [Nun LP]
Ausmuteants – Freedom Of Information  [Order Of Operation LP]
Miles Brown – Electrics ( Cavill Remix By Asps)  [Miles Brown “Electrics” Remix EP]
White Hex – Paradise  [Gold Nights LP]
School Damage – Sick Of You  [Break Up 7″ ]
Courtney Barnett – Pickles From The Jar  [Milk! Records Compilation EP]
Clag – Twozza  [Choose Your Own A-Side 7″]
The Living Eyes – Guilty Pleasures  [Guilty Pleasure 7″]
Bitch Prefect – Shipped It  [Bird Nerds LP
Royston Vasie – Two Fingers Telling You No  [Water Colours LP]

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