A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with the show playlist

Herbcraft – Push Thru The Veil [Wot Oz LP]
Marnitude – Eraser [Marnitude Il LP]
Air Formation – Wasted Days [Were We Ever Here LP]
The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience – Spaceman [I Like Rain: The Story Of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience LP]
Painted Palms – Refractor [Horizons LP]
Sextile – Flesh [A Thousand Hands LP]
Lazy Queen – Wouldn’t You Rather Know Yourself [Drift LP]
Advance Base – Summon Satan [Nephew In The Wild LP]
Cured Pink – Two Stroke [Four Piece Band LP]
Destiny 3000 – Real Deal [Destiny 3000 EP]
Palehound – Molly [Dry Food LP]
H M A S – The Prince [Fear God Honour The King LP]
Grounders – Bloor Street And Pressure [Grounders LP]
Sounds Like Winter – Ishmael’s Bones [Single]
Woolen Kits – Girl With Heart [Girl With Heart 7″]
Kill Alters – My Father [Kill Alters LP]
Blank Realm – No Views On It [Illegals In Heaven LP]
Exek – The Theme From Judge Judy [Australian Tour 7″]
Spray Paint – Country Singer [Australian Tour 7″]
Woolen Men – Life In Hell [Temporary Monument LP]
The Disgruntled Taxpayers – Why? [Over-Ambitious, Selfish Corporate Whore EP]
Bongley Dead – Where Are You [4 EP]
Pinky Swear – Until You Love Me [Only One Person Came To My Graduation Party EP]
Autobahn – Ostentation [Dissemble LP]

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