A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…..

..on with the show

Jeff Zagers – Still Alive [Still / Alive LP]
Ken Mode – A Passive Disaster [Success LP]
Loop – Aphelion [Array 1 EP]
You Beauty – Llywhacka [single]
Carmody – Space Invaders [Sleep On Mirrors – The 1981-1985 Tapes LP]
Ssleeping Desiress – Figures [Ssleeping Desiress LP]
Kid Wave – All I Want [Wonderlust LP]
Yellow Traffic Light – Cole Drives Too Fast [single]
Michael Vidal – Sky Blue [Dream Center LP]
She Rides Tigers – Standing On The Edge [Standing On The Edge EP]
No Joy – Chalk Snake [More Faithful LP]
Wimps – Take It As It Comes [Super Me EP]
Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles – Itching Around [Oh Man, Cover The Ground LP]
The Safe Distance – Sugarmay [The Safe Distance Do Some More Songs EP/LP]
Membranes – Hail To The Lovers [Dark Matter / Dark Energy LP]
Day Ravies – This Side Of The Fence [Liminal Zones LP]
Power Of Satan – Invader [Power Of Satan EP]
Family Bike – Heat Rash [Everything You Own Is Anagrammed LP]
Maff – Million Year Picnic [Maff LP]
Samantha Glass – Different Tissue [Entering The Visible Winds Of Spring CS]
Nap Eyes – No Man Needs To Care [Whine Of The Mystic LP]
Radioactivity – Battered [Silent Kill LP]
Flesh World – Shaved Head [The Wild Animals In My Life LP]
Fist City – Hey Little Sister [Everything Is A Mess LP]
Atombomb – Love And Death [To Lose My Life… EP]
Cruising – Safe Corridor [Cruising EP]

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