A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..…

..on with the show.

Sundays & Cybele – Angel [Gypsy House LP]
Superstar – Folding Gold [Table For Two LP]
Barge With An Antenna On It – Nobby Doldrums [Danyl Jesu / Barge With An Antenna On It Split LP]
Danyl Jesu – Abandon [Danyl Jesu / Barge With An Antenna On It Split LP]
Sightings – 1982 [Amusers And Puzzlers LP]
Expert Alterations – Three Signs [Expert Alterations LP]
Eskimeaux – The Thunder Answered Back [O.K. LP]
The Holydrug Couple – Baby, I’m Going Away [Moonlust LP]
Communions – Summer’s Oath [Communions LP]
500 Stamps – Relics Of Victory [I Can’t Give You The Life You Want LP]
She’s So Rad – War [Tango LP]
Crosss – Kaloo Kalay [Lo LP]
White Reaper – Sheila [White Reaper Does It Again LP]
Pow! – Liquid Daydream [Fight Fire LP]
Rosen & Spyddet – Nøgenbadning Ved Faxe Kalkbrud [Fortuna LP]
High-Functioning Flesh – The Plunge [Definite Structures LP]
Girlpool – Emily [Before The World Was Big LP]
Juliawhy? – What You Want [Wheel LP]
No Ditching – If_You_Hate_Cats_You_Die [Inseparable 7″]
Cathode Ray Eyes – Harry Houdini [Cathode Ray Eyes LP]
Institute – I Am Living Death [Catharsis LP]
Membranes – Space Junk [Dark Matter / Dark Energy LP]

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