A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with this weeks show we start by touching on the sad lost of Peter Gutteridge

HDU and Peter Gutteridge – Point That Thing Somewhere Else  [God Save The Clean LP]
Snapper – Cause Of You  [Snapper EP]
Peter Gutteridge – Hang On  [Pure LP]
Peter Gutteridge – Don’t Catch Fire  [Stroke- Songs For Chris Knox LP]

The Twerps – Heavy Hands  [Underlay EP]
The Pink Tiles – Mourning  [The Pink Tiles LP]
Carsick Cars – Yok  [Carsick Cars/Flavor Crystals Split EP]
Flavor Crystals – Mirror In My Mind  [Carsick Cars/Flavor Crystals Split EP]
Soft Walls – The Big Nod  [No Time LP]
Exek – A Hedonist  [Exek cs]
You. – Breaking Collapse  [Sunchaser LP]
Cult Of Youth – Empty Faction  [Final Days LP]
Hamish Kilgour – Hk Eleven Eight  [All Of It And Nothing LP]
Literature – New Jacket  [Chorus LP]
Furrow – Rural Town  [West Felton LP]
Bad Breeding – Burn This Flag  [single]
Mazes – Explode Into Colo(U)Rs  [Wooden Aquarium LP]
Feature – Wisdom Teeth  [Tourists EP]
Slowcoaches  – Raw Dealings  [Tourists     EP]
Black Fungus – Open Sail  [Black Fungus cs]
Teardrop Factory – Now We Shatter  [Thrash In The Heart LP]
White Manna – Evil  [Live Frequencies LP]
The Muffs – Lay Down  [Whoop Dee Doo LP]
Molly Nilsson – Plaza Italia  [Sólo Paraíso – The Summer Songs EP]
Joel Gion – Yes  [Apple Bonkers LP]

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