A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

…on with the show.

Love Of Diagrams – Double Negative  [Blast LP]
Fair Maiden – Wait For You  [Fair Maiden LP]
Primitive Motion – Bodies Of The Placid Furnace  [5 Years Of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Boomgates – Tight Knit  [5 Years Of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Per Purpose – Blind And Assistant  [5 Years Of Bedroom Suck Records LP]
Exhaustion – Lonely Cars  [Biker LP]
Bunnies On Ponies – Straight Up Jerk  [Heat Death Of The Universe LP]
Kane Strang – In Thailand [single]
The Rebel – Coys  [Krot LP]
Hookworms – On Leaving  [The Hum LP]
Pinkshinyultrablast – Umi  [Everything Else Matters LP]
The Pathetic And Elegant – I’ve Felt Up Before  [I Am In Love LP]
Cult Of Youth – No Regression  [Final Days LP]
Dream Police – My Mama’s Dead  [Hypnotized LP]
The Band In Heaven – The Boys Of Summer Sam  [7″]
Martial Canterel – And I Thought  [Gyors, Lassú LP]
The Actor – Lights  [Exploded View LP]
Void Vision – Hidden Hand  [Sub Rosa LP]
The Prettiots – Boys (I Dated In High School)  [single]
Negative Scanner  – Pastel Blue  [single]
Lil Tits – New Digs  [Lil Tits/Foul Tip Split 7″]
Foul Tip – Madness  [Lil Tits/Foul Tip Split 7″]
Ego – Can’t Shut It Off  [Single]
Hollow Mountain – Maiden  [EP]
Nots – Reactor  [We Are Nots LP]
Big Wow – These Rumours Are A Disappointment  [Teamwork Makes The Dream Work LP]
Fantails – Brick Wall  [Fantails EP]

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