This week I thrashed Blood Red Shoes, past, present and live.

Starting off with pre-Blood Red Shoes bands

Cat On Form-More Escapism
Lady Muck-Look Back Twice
Projections-Leave The Room

and then the early singles

Victory For The Magpie
Stitch Me Back
Meet Me at Eight
You Bring Me Down
It’s Getting Boring by the Sea
I Wish I Was Someone Better

moving on to selections from the LP “Box Of Secrets”

Doesn’t Matter Much
Try Harder
Take The Weight
This Is Not For You
Hope You Are Holding Up

..a new track


and finishing off with some live tunes from Live At Melt! 2008

Doesn’t Matter Much
This Is Not For You
How To Pass The Time

…and now back to our regular programming

Ballboy-We can Leap Buildings and Rivers, but Really we Just Wanna Fly [I Worked on the Ships LP]
Black Affair-It’s Real [Pleasure Pressure Point LP]
Blitzen Trapper-Furr [Furr LP]
Bromheads Jacket-Turn Me On [On The Brain LP]
Cats In Paris-The Curse Of Jonah Brian [Courtcase 2000 LP]
Her Space Holiday-The Heartbreak Moment [XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival LP]