A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Tony Jay – Isolated Visions [Perfect Worlds LP]
Pale Blue Eyes – Hang Out [This House LP]
Bordellos – Attack Of The Killer B-Sides [Starcrossed Radio LP]
Chalk – Them [Conditions LP]
Hollywood Slasher – Cherry Burst [Charmbreaker LP]
Loins – Teething [Loins LP]
Alien Nosejob – Split Personality [The Derivative Sounds of… Or… A Dog Always Returns to its Vomit LP]
R.M.F.C. – The Trap [Club Hits LP]
TV’s Daniel – Usual Students [single]
The Sweet Serenades – Everything Dies [Everything Dies LP]
Schau Schau – Wants [Wants/Social Skills single]
Pale Puma – Lost in Pink Moon [Haunted by Dreams That Were Never My Own LP]
Eyesore & The Jinx – Nocturnal Athletes (Ode To Bruno) [Jitterbug LP]
CLT DRP – M.U.T.M [Nothing Clever, Just Feelings LP]
Vorsen – Terraformer [single]
Connie Lovatt – Gull [Coconut Mirror LP]
W. H. Lung – High Pressure Days [single]
Gen And The Degenerates – Big Hit Single [single]
The Laughing Chimes – Laurel Heights [Laurel Heights EP]
Uzumaki – Ugly Hunger [Square One LP]
Whitney K – Ode To The Old Ways (Live) [Vivi! (Live) LP]
Julian Cope – Don’t You Wanna Just Skin Up? [Robin Hood LP]
Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse – Blindfold 2 [Giddy Skelter LP]
Green Palm Radiation – Carousel [Post Fear LP]
Sparklehorse – Evening Star Supercharger [Bird Machine LP]
Flat Worms – Suburban Swans [Witness Marks LP]
Who Is She? – Movie Pass [Goddess Energy LP]
Vintage Crop – Springtime [single]
Elliott Fullam – End of Ways [End of Ways LP]
Sprain – We Think so Ill of You [The Lamb As Effigy or Three Hundred And Fifty XOXOXOS For A Spark Union With My Darling Divine LP]
Trout – sad sad sad sad sad [Colourpicker LP]
Frankie and The Witch Fingers – Burn Me Down [Data Doom LP]
Miranda And The Beat – Concrete [Miranda & The Beat LP]
Cherubs – Come [Icing LP]
Das Koolies – Pain Down The Drain [DK.01 LP]
semiwestern – condo [semiwestern LP]

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