A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Interlay – Androgynous [single]
Enter Laughing – Met Me When I Landed [Met Me When I Landed LP]
Cass McCombs / Weak Signal – Vacation From Thought [Vacation From Thought b_w Give it Back 7″]
Cowboyy – Gmaps [Epic The Movie EP]
Current Joys – Cooking [single]
FEEP – Waiting [single]
Langkamer – Hamlet [Red Thread Route EP]
Jolle – Wirtschaft Arbeit Tod [Wirtschaft Arbeit Technik LP]
Sarah Mary Chadwick – People Shouldn’t Set You Up [Flipped It EP]
Senica – Wide Awake [Passing Tide CS]
Tokyo Shoegazer – Tokyo Neon Signs [Moonworld Playground LP]
Velveteen – 7th Heaven [Empty Crush LP]
7ebra – I Have a Lot to Say [I Have a Lot to Say / If I Ask Her 7″]
CO-ED DORMS – Milk Drinker [single]
Dead Leaf Echo – BOO [single]
Lichen Slow – Hobbies [Rest Lurks LP]
Je T’aime – If Only [Aggressive LP]
S.C.A.B. – MTA LUX [S.C.A.B. LP]
Soaked Oats – Behind Their Years [Working Title LP]
The Young Gods – TV Sky (Live Sky Tour) [TV Sky (30 years Anniversary) LP]
Dartz – Toyota Corolla [The Band From Wellington, New Zealand LP]
Hot Tubs Time Machine – A1 Bakery [Double Tubble LP]
MEDaL – Battery Fields [Sequela LP]
Heather Trost – The Devil Never Sleeps [Desert Flowers LP]
Drowse – Mystery Pt. 2 [Wane Into It LP]
Soft Bait – High Speed [Plot Points LP]
Sourmilk – Sick Girl [single]
EggS – Old Fashioned Virtue [A Glitter Year LP]
Warhaus – It Had to Be You [Ha Ha Heartbreak LP]
Fazed On A Pony – Fanfare [It’ll All Work Out LP]
The Secret French Postcards – Go Away [Life Got Claws LP]
Pash – Take You [Somersault EP]
Carla dal Forno – Mind You’re On [Come Around LP]
Kal Marks – The Future [My Name Is Hell LP]
Spirits of Leo – Solaris [Gossamer Blue LP]

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