A world wide indie tour…..

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Live On WOXY.com
This Love Is Fucking Right!
Young Adult Friction
Come Saturday
Everything With You

UME Live On WOXY.com
The Conductor
East Of Hercules

French Miami-Science Fiction [Science Teeth EP]
A Place To Bury Strangers-Missing You [Missing You EP]
T.I.T.S-Void [Second Base LP]
Autons-Election Singer [Who Do You Think You Are Kidding? LP]
Bear Hands-What A Drag [What A Drag single]
Eight Legs-I Understand [I Understand single]
exlovers-Weightless [Phonebooth single]
The Sunday Reeds-Young Vandal [Drowning In History LP]
The Sunday Reeds-Handgun to My Heart [Drowning In History LP]
Fanfarlo-Luna [Reservoir LP]
Fresh Legs-Samwise [myspace]
Green Man Says Go-Burning Owls [Demo]
Gun Outfit-Control [Dim Light LP]
Hot Silk Pockets-Ooh Ooh [Panda Eyes Single]
And What Will Be Left Of Them?-Dance, Damn You, Dance [The Hi-Fi Low Life LP]
Brontosaurus Chorus-David Bowie [You’ve Created A Monster LP]
Kasms-Male Bonding [Spayed LP]
Love Fine-Body Packer [Beat Yourself LP]
Japandroids-Wet Hair [Post-Nothing LP]
Nothing People-When I Drink [Late Night LP]
Manicure-Hate, Love, Shame [Manicure LP