A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Lumerians – Silver Trash [Call of the Void LP]
Bizarre – Barcode_Warrior [Necro LP]
Bark Psychosis – Shapeshifting [Codename: Dustsucker LP]
The Total Rejection – Vampire Cats (Itches) [Wrapping Yourself in Silver Foil Won’t Save You from the Blast LP]
Slushy Guts – The Scholars Grave [The Blasted Stump LP]
Numb.er – Hate [Goodbye LP]
Kristin Hersh – Breathe In [Possible Dust Clouds LP]
Boyracer –  I’ve Got It (And It’s Not Worth Having) [Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill LP]
Mommy Long Legs – SK8 Witches [Typical Girls Volume Four LP]
The Primitives – Rattle My Cage [Typical Girls Volume Four LP]
Pink Thing – I Am Right [The Curtain CS]
Estrons – Lilac [single]
Blues Lawyer – Turf [Life’s Too Short To Listen To Crap Music LP]
Schande – 501 [Typical Girls Volume Four LP]
The Scottish Enlightenment – Colour It In [Potato Flower LP]
Just Mustard – Curtains [Wednesday LP]
Wire – Mannequin (Third Demo Sessions) [Pink Flag CD]
Billy & Dolly – Everything Is Off [Five Suns LP]
cavetown – Green [LEMON BOY LP]
The Catenary Wires – Was That Love [Was That Love? single]
Priests – Suck_Obsessed With The Police (Kag Remix) [Suck – Extended Mix & Remixes EP]
Lay Llamas – Altair [Thuban LP]
The Sediment Club – Cobalt Ruin [Stucco Thieves LP]
Bad Times – Trapped In The City [Streets Of Iron LP]
Team Picture – Break Yr Heart [Ritual LP]
The Stroppies – Maddest Moments [Maddest Moments single]
Trauma Harness – Organ Donor  [single]

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