Action packed and fresh as a daisy..

Selebrities-Living Dead [Delusions LP]
Spotlight Kid-Never’s Too Soon [Departure LP]
Useless Eaters-New World Order [Daily Commute LP]
Ty Segall-My Head Explodes [Goodbye Bread LP]
Kids On A Crime Spree-Sweet Tooth [We Love You So Bad LP]
White Hills-Upon Arrival [H-p1 LP]
Widowspeak-Limbs [Widowspeak LP]
Soft Metals-Pain [S/T LP]
Young Circles-2012 [Jungle Habits LP]
Senium-Drone [Such Progress LP free download
Religious Knives-You Walk [Smokescreen LP]
No Anchor-Shut My Mouth [Real Pain Supernova LP free download
Let’s Wrestle-Bad Mammaries [Nursing Home LP]
Zombie Girlfriend-Go Away [The Great Plain LP] free download
Washed Out-Soft [Within and Without LP[
Vetiver-Wonder Why [The Errant Charm LP]
Underground Railroad-Russian Doll [White Night Stand LP]
Sneakpeek-Walk All Over Me [single] free download
Human Eye-Junkyard Heart [They Came from the Sky LP]
Pek Pek-Oceans of Mud [You/Too Heavy LP] free download
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club-Richer Than My Tribe [Bag Of Meat LP]
Soviet Soviet-Human Nature [Summer, Jesus LP]
The Nighty Nite-Dimes in their Dimples [Dimples LP]
Brilliant Colors-Hey Dan [Again And Again LP]
The Oscillation-Fall [Veils LP]
Chapter Sweetheart-Nice Idea [Editions No.1 LP]
The Lollipops-Let’s Go Baby [Hold! LP]
Reatards-Out of My Head, Into My Bed [Teenage Hate LP]
Scumbag Philosopher-God is Dead so I Listen to Radiohead [It means nothing so it means nothing LP]

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