A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Lazy Eyes – Where’s My Brain? [EP2]
Stomp Talk Modstone – Glow [Linger In Someone’s Memory With A Lurid Glow LP]
Charlie Clark – Don’t Have A Cow, Man! [Single]
Speed Stick – Knots [Volume One LP]
The Clockworks – Feels So Real [Single]
Jody And The Jerms – Never Going Home [Sensation LP]
Part Chimp – Back From The Dead [Drool LP]
Walk Home Drunk – Urgh [Time Flies CS]
Sour Widows – Crossing Over [Crossing Over LP]
Porpoise – Kudu [Blue Whale EP]
Pardoner – Donna Said [Came Down Different LP]
Anna Schulze – Satisfied [Break Your Heart, Keep It Open LP]
Radio Supernova – Muukalaiset [Takaisini LP]
Regressive Left – Take The Hit [Single]
Cheap Teeth – Animal Fat [Single]
Proper Nouns – Post-Everything [Feel Free LP]
Lucidvox – Knife [We Are LP]
Cheekface – Call Your Mom [Emphatically No. LP]
Dag – Big Plans (Little Hands) [Pedestrian Life LP]
Girlfriends And Boyfriends – Forever By My Side [Fallacy Of Fairness LP]
Himukalt – I No Longer Belong [between my teeth LP]
Zzzahara – Up on Fig [Simp Wav EP]
Valleyheart – Scenery [Scenery LP]
The Oogars – Girl In The Mirror [Single]
Miss Grit – Grow Up To [Impostor LP]
Glasszone – Nightwalk [Moments LP]

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