A world wide indie tour…

Live session this week from Danananakroyd recorded at the London Calling Festival recorded at the Paradiso in Amsterdam early May.

and on with the show..

-Crossed Wires [Crossed Wires 7″]
Ume-Hurricane [Woxy.Com Lounge Act]
The Declining Winter-Haunt The Upper Hallways [Haunt The Upper Hallways LP]
Cold Cave-Life Magazine [Love Comes Close LP]
Grass Widow-Green Screen [Grass Widow LP]
The Layaways-Keep It To Yourself [The Space Between LP]
The Ettes-Lo And Behold [Danger Is Ep]
Box Elders-Stay [Alice and Friends LP]
Kestrels-The Heart Of A Lonely Storm [Primary Colours LP]
Uuvvwwz-Green Starred Sleeve [Uuvvwwz LP]
The Big Pink-Dominos [A Brief History Of Love LP]
The Intelligence-Reading And Writing About Partying [Reading And Writing About Partying 7″]
The Foxes-Bill Hicks [Bill Hicks single]
Bad Veins-Gold And Warm [Bad Veins LP]
Electricity In Our Homes-Don’t You Want To? (Follow) [We Agree Completely 12″]
The Twilight Sad-Reflection Of The Television [I Became A Prostitute EP]
Space In Brackets-Conquer Time [Conquer Time EP]