A fun filled show of mutha pucking rocknroll, all at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say.. 

….on with the show 

Pop. 1280Dawn Of Man    [Imps Of Perversion LP] 
PeteyLike It’s Dead    [Eddie Murphy split CS] listen/buy 
The SweetsDefine Teenaged    [Just The Dudes split CS listen/buy 
SplashhSo Young    [Comfort LP] 
Standard FareRumours    [Rumours single] 
The Courtneys90210    [The Courtneys LP] listen/buy 
Roomrunner Weird    [Ideal Cities LP] listen/buy
HeliotropesRibbons    [A Constant Sea LP] 
WeekendIts Alright    [Jinx LP] 
WhirrSwoon    [Around EP] 
True WidowNumb Hand    [Circumambulation LP] 
Soft MetalsHourglass    [Lenses LP] 
PINSGet With Me    [Get With Me single]
The Native CatsScratch Act    [Dallas LP] listen/buy
The CannanesA Bigger Splash    [Howling At All Hours LP] listen/buy
Shocked MindsConfusion    [Shocked Minds LP] 
Heavy TimesTradition Of Abuse    [Fix It Alone LP]
FistsSkull    [Phantasm LP] 
Eat Lights Become LightsElectromagnetika    [Modular Living LP] 
The Prophet HensEasy As The Sun    [Popular People Do Popular People LP] listen/buy

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