A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Nap Eyes – Real Thoughts [Snapshot Of A Beginner LP]
Attraktors – Theme From Unknown Program [Attraktors LP]
Isolated Youth – Humanoid [Iris LP]
bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate [Bedroom LP]
Deeper – Willing [Auto-Pain LP]
Privacy Issues – Feedback Loop [Privacy Issues CS]
CMON – Base [Confusing Mix of Nations LP]
Beans – Stride (Radio Edit) [All Together Now LP]
Lost Film – Confess [Between Melting & Freezing CS]
John Paul – Glenn [Subjects LP]
Seazoo – I See Beauty [Joy LP]
The Pits – Keep Living [Sending You a Rainbow LP]
P.E. – Soft Dance [Person LP]
David Cronenberg’s Wife – The Russian Death Song [The Ship (Necrologies) LP]
Spam Risk – Akaname [Spam Risk CS]
Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – Tomorrow [Use Me LP]
The Column – Tastes The Same [Sparrows Tongue LP]
Sure – Another Girl [20 Years LP]
The Rorschach Garden – The Rorschach Test [Grain Culture LP]
Unruly Girls – Youth Barbarism [Epidemic LP]
C.A.R. – Flight and Pursuit [Crossing Prior Street LP]
Black Midi – Talking Heads [Black Midi Live In The USA LP]
The Warlocks – Sucking Out Your Soul Like A Son Of A Bitch [The Chain LP]
Talk Show – Petrolhead [These People LP]
The Sewer Cats – Create & Rebel [Zelda LP]
Supermilk – Fan Fiction [Death Is The Best Thing For You Now LP]
Clone Culture – They Shoot, I Die [Innocence LP]
Girl Friday – Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern [Androgynous Mary LP]

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