A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Piss for Pumpkin – Son Of Ugly [Scared To Die LP]
Shake Chain – Stace [Shake Chain LP]
The Nightingales – The Very Nature [The Last Laugh LP]
Knifeplay – Deserve [Animal Drowning LP]
Moin – Hung Up [Paste LP]
Cavetown – Heart Attack [Worm Food LP]
Delivery – Poor-to-Middling Moneymaking [Forever Giving Handshakes LP]
No Sun – Saturn Returning [In the Interim LP]
Elizabeth M. Drummond – Congratulations [Congratulations LP]
Jenny Bakke – New Life [Morild LP]
Los Palms – Dead Man [Skeleton Ranch LP]
The 1981 – Sumer Games [Polaroids LP]
The Wends – Excuses [It’s Here Where You Fall LP]
The Rallies – Must Be Love [single]
Kitchen’s Floor – Thirty-Five [None Of That LP]
Langkamer – Hamlet [Red Thread Route EP]
Lanyard – Klay [Hi Honey Good Morning LP]
Dippers – Mazing [LOOKING FOR A SPHERE LP]
Convinced Friend – Muttering God [Convinced Friend LP]
Thumper – The Loser [Delusions of Grandeur LP]
Eades – Former Warnings Cluster [Delusion Spree LP]
The Clockworks – Blood on the Mind [Blood On The Mind LP]
Ada Oda – Avevo Torto [Un Amore Debole LP]
The Hanging Stars – Rainbows In Windows [Hollow Heart LP]
Galore – Fire [Blush EP]
Surface To Air Missive – Violet [Shadows Leap LP]
Spice World – Mountain Pony 20 [There’s No I In Spice World LP]
Shitney Beers – Peaches Style [This Is Pop LP]
The Sadies – No One’s Listening [Colder Streams LP]
Cosmopaark – Can’t Wait [single]
The Slingers – Streets of Tokyo [single]
Beat Awfuls – Interstate Skeletons [PAWS LP]
Blues Lawyer – Chance Encounters [All In Good Time LP]
Bog Shed – Raise The Girl [Brutal LP]

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