Live session this week from She Keeps Bees recorded at Mercury Lounge, New York, NY USA. Courtesy of

…and on with the show.

Wild Nothing-Live In Dreams [Gemini LP]
Mixtapes-The Mixtapes Misplaced Missed Takes [Maps LP free download]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Blues X Man [Dirty Shirt Rock ‘n’ Roll: The First Ten Years LP]
Dead Farmers-Boom [Go Home LP]
The Drums-It Will All End In Tears [The Drums LP]
US Christmas-Orgone Accumulator [Hawkwind Triad LP]
Wounded Lion-Creatures in the Cave [Wounded Lion LP]
The Lucid Dream-I Got The Devil [Erbistock Mill EP free download]
The Blanche Hudson Weekend-Grip of Fear [The Rats in the Cellar 7″ EP]
Steel Pole Bath Tub-The Good Times [Unlistenable LP]
Screen Vinyl Image-Until The End Of Time (I.H.M.C. Star Night Remix) [Remixes EP]
White Mystery-Overwhelmed [White Mystery LP]
The Whines-Here We Sit [Hell to Play LP]
Nervous Systems-Soft Weapons [Needs Medicines LP]
Beach Fossils-Vacation [Beach Fossils LP]
Overnight Lows-So Well Read [City Of Rotten Eyes LP]
Las Robertas-Tele [Cry Out Loud LP]
Sketches-This Sir Is War [Zip It Up EP]
Naked On The Vague-These Days [Heaps Of Nothing LP]
Circle Pit-Speed Limits [Bruise Constellation LP}
Girls Names-Don’t Let Me In [You Should Know By Now LP]

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