A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Sex Swing – The Passover (Idles Remix) [Passovers LP]
The Slow Summits – Safe and Sorry [single]
Song Sung – Take Some Time [This Ascension is Ours LP]
VINTAGE CROP – The North [Serve To Serve Again LP]
Mayflower Madame – Sacred Core [Prepared for a Nightmare LP}
Eyedress – Last Time I’m Falling In Love [Let’s Skip To The Wedding LP]
Pop Filter – Big Yellow Van [Banksia LP]
Tiña – Golden Rope [Positive Mental Health Music LP]
Private World – Blue Spirit [Aleph LP]
Black Marble – In Manchester [I Must Be Living Twice LP]
Peel Dream Magazine – Verfremdungseffekt [Moral Panics EP]
Gluten Priest – Dunno Still [The Event/Dunno Still single]
Crack Cloud – Ouster Stew [PAIN OLYMPICS LP]
Buildings and Food – Streetlights [Up Down Strange Charm LP]
Slow Pulp – Idaho [Moveys LP]
cindygod – Rhys [Ep2]
Dehd – Month [Flower of Devotion LP]
Alison Mosshart – Returning The Screw [Sound Wheel LP]
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Double Denim Hop [The Non-Stop EP]
Billy Nomates – No [Billy Nomates LP]
Benefits – Shit Britain [Single]
ShitKid – waste of time [20/20 ShitKid LP]
Throwing Muses – Bo Diddley Bridge [Sun Racket LP]
Mint Field – Contingencia [Sentimiento Mundial LP]
Blacklisters – Sports Drinks [Fantastic Man LP]
Gang Of Four – Forever Starts Now [Anti Hero EP]
THE GOA EXPRESS – Be My Friend [Single]
Enola Gay – The Birth of a Nation (Lockdown Session) [Single]

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